How much is a trip to Maui? What I actually spent on my recent Hawaii vacation (July 2023)

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Budget planning for your Hawaii vacation but unsure about what you can expect to shell out in 2023? While estimates can prove helpful, there’s nothing like comparing real life dollar amounts. 

In July 2023, I tracked every penny I spent during my 10-day Hawaii vacation. Here’s how much cash I ended up spending — and how I spent it.

After logging my receipts, I broke down my Hawaii vacation expenses into five categories: transportation, lodging, food, tours and activities, and souvenirs.

About my Hawaii trip

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As someone who travels to Maui regularly, I don’t usually spend like the average tourist. I don’t typically sign up for tours or other pricey activities such as luau shows (unless I’m writing a review).

However, I recently visited Maui with three family members who haven’t been to Maui for several years. I decided to document all of my expenses during this family trip to share what a typical trip to Maui could cost.

For this family vacation, we stayed a total of 10 nights in Hawaii. While we spent most of our time on Maui, we island hopped to Oahu for an overnight visit with a family member who lives there. 

What I spent on transportation

Some expenses, such as the rental car and parking, were shared among the group. The airfare and rideshare from home to the airport were mine alone.

Transportation expenseVendorCostNote
Car to airport Uber rideshare$106.75$92.83 + tip
Round trip airfare to Maui from SeattleAlaska Airlines$566.84I used a $400 voucher from a previous flight credit, so I was charged $166.84
Car rentalDollar Rent A Car$275.52
Fuel for rental carShell Gas$60.40$4.65/gallon
Round trip airfare from Maui to OahuHawaiian Airlines$96.81Includes $10 for premium seat
Parking at Maui’s Kahului Airport for Oahu island hopKahului (OGG) Airport parking$15

Transportation total: $1,121

What I would have spent on lodging

We’re fortunate enough to own a vacation rental condo in Kihei, so I didn’t pay for lodging on this trip. However, I did pay a $175 cleaning fee after my stay.

What would I have expected to pay if I were to rent out the same type of vacation rental? Another unit in my building rented out for a total of $3,543.63 for the same 10 nights when we stayed. This total is inclusive of all fees. Here’s the cost breakdown:

Fee descriptionCostNote
Nightly rate$2,693.00$269.30 x 10 nights
Damage protection fee$30.00
Service fee$50.00
Cleaning fee$175.00
Resort fee$70.00
Taxes$525.6317.4% transient accommodation tax

The lodging fees are typical for vacation rentals in the area. At some resorts, you may also have to pay for parking during your stay. Parking was included in our community.

While hotel or resort stays tend to have fewer line item fees (you typically don’t pay a damage protection fee, a service fee, or a cleaning fee at a hotel, for example), I’ve found that the overall cost to stay at a hotel tends to be higher. 

Lodging value total: $3,544 value

How much I spent on food while in Hawaii

While lodging and airfare often dominates the vacation budget for Hawaii, how much you spend on food can easily overtake any careful financial plans for your trip.

During our 10-day stay on Maui (and overnight in Oahu), I spent just under $600 on food. That breaks down to $60.00 per day, or $20 per meal. 

I wasn’t trying to stick to a specific food budget, per se. But my family’s travel style is a slow, casual pace. That translated to more meals at grab-and-go eateries and fewer meals at upscale restaurants that require a reservation.

These are the circumstances behind my daily food expense on this trip:

  • We didn’t eat at sit-down restaurants every day. Instead, we opted for food trucks, grocery store meals, and deli counters for hearty plate lunches.
  • I don’t drink alcohol, so I ordered water with every meal.
  • We had use of a kitchen at our condo, so we opted to reheat leftovers for some meals rather than buying breakfast, lunch, and dinner every single day. 
  • Sharing some of the larger meals helped lower the food cost — and kept food waste to a minimum.
  • During our overnight stay on Oahu, we stayed at a family member’s home and ate out only once. 
  • We splurged a few times. On one day, we had lunch at Mama’s Fish House. On another day, we enjoyed the breakfast buffet at DUO (at the Four Seasons in Wailea).

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What I ate in a day on Maui

What did I eat during our trip, specifically? This is the actual breakdown of what I spent on food during a few of the days while on Maui.

July 08BreakfastTwo cinnamon rolls with walnuts and cream cheeseThe Cinnamon Roll Place, Kihei$16.45Split between four people
LunchSushi roll and spam musubiIsland Gourmet Market, Wailea$12.68
DinnerBento box and lilikoi pieKitoko food truck at South Maui Gardens, Kihei$33.00
Daily total$62.13
July 09Pre-breakfastDonutsMaui Ono Donuts food truck, Kihei$7.85
BreakfastBig Kahuna omeletNalu’s South Shore Grill, Kihei$18.00
SnackTapioca (2) from the grab-and-go refrigerated sectionIsland Gourmet Market, Wailea$6.23Shared the second with another person
DinnerFish tacosCoconut’s Fish Cafe$20.00This large meal could have been shared with another person
Daily total$52.08
July 11BreakfastDonutsMaui Ono Donuts$16.17I split the donuts with my niece
LunchSit-down lunchMama’s Fish House, Paia$134.18Includes tip; We split the meal 3 ways, but there were 4 people in our party
SnackShave iceUlulani’s, Kihei$8.81
Dinner/DessertSweet and savory piesMaui Pie$68.89Shared between the 4 of us, with leftovers for later meals
Daily total$228.05

 For the most part, I generally spent around $50 to $60 per day on food. But splurging on a fancy meal at Mama’s Fish House multiplies that day’s food total. 

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While spending a few days on Oahu with family helped lower my food cost slightly, there were a few times during the trip when I paid for more than just my meal. For example, I bought a few large pies and quiches from Maui Pie to split among our group. Because of these infrequent instances when I picked up a meal for everyone, the overall food budget for the trip balanced out to what I would have spent if I didn’t travel to Oahu to be treated to family meals.

Food total: $600

Tour and activity costs on Maui

We took advantage of low cost and free activities during our trip, such as volunteering for the Beach Buddy program at the Maui Humane Society

Tours are another category that can make a drastic impact on your Hawaii vacation budget. Luau show tickets run $150 to $300 per person on Maui. Snorkeling tours and whale watching tours start at around $150 per person. Even a basic farm tour can set you back $75 per person. 

On this trip, we opted for a private snorkeling and stand up paddle (SUP) tour with a local operator. I paid $175.16, which included tax. Our guide took photos during our snorkel and SUP tour, which we paid $50 for. We also decided to tip our guide $50 after the tour.

As an aside, we visited the Pearl Harbor Memorial while on Oahu. We didn’t book a tour, so I didn’t spend any money for this activity.

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Tour/activity total: $275

What I spent on souvenirs and gifts

While I typically don’t buy much in the way of souvenirs when I travel, I splurged a bit on this trip. Not only did I buy a few things for myself, but I also bought some small gifts to send back to family members who didn’t join us on this trip. 

Prices listed include sales tax of 4.166%.

Quick drying hat for paddle boarding$41.66
Kihei beach t-shirt$31.24
Layered wood art from CocoNene, Lahaina$156.25
Food gifts from Tutu’s Pantry, Kihei (spice rubs and pancake mix)$25.00
Souvenir gifts from Island Gourmet Market, Wailea (plush toys, Hello Kitty tote bag, hair ties)$61.12
Plumeria cuttings (2) from the Navy Exchange, Oahu$11.98

Souvenir and gifts total: $327

How much my Hawaii vacation cost (July 2023)

My actual expenditure was less than what’s listed in the total cost, primarily because we stayed at our vacation rental. However, you could argue “loss of use” as a cost, so I’ve included the value of the stay in my totals below. 

Transportation $1,121

Lodging $3,544

Food $600

Tours/activities $275

Souvenirs/gifts $327

Maui vacation total cost: $5,867 (my actual spend was $1,823 due to airline vouchers, use of my vacation rental, and shared car rental expense with others in my travel party)

Estimated cost for two people to vacation on Maui in 2023

Wondering what the cost estimate for two people would be based on my actual budget data? Using my receipt totals, here’s what the vacation would cost if there were two of us:

10-day Maui vacation budget breakdown for 2 people

Rideshare to the airport$106.75
Round trip tickets from Seattle to Maui$1,133.68
Car rental$275.52
Fuel for rental car$60.40
Round trip airfare from Maui to Oahu$193.62
Parking at Maui’s Kahului Airport for Oahu island hop$15
Vacation condo rental$3,544
Food ($60 per person per day)$1,200
Maui vacation budget for 2 (2023)$7,728.97

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