About Maui Trip Guide

Aloha, friends! We’re Gina and John, co-creators of Maui Trip Guide. We started this website to share our passion for Maui with other travelers who could use a hand with trip planning.

Our aim is to offer useful, unbiased travel advice for Maui visitors, whether it’s your first or fifteenth trip.

Gina gets ready to nosh on garlic shrimp and noodles from Tin Roof Maui.

About us

We first stepped foot on the island a decade ago while on a cruise. After a single afternoon on a local tour, we vowed to return for a proper land vacation. And we did — lots of times. Our favorite things to do: hike, explore the ocean, and eat our way around the island.

Today John and I split our time between our home near Seattle, Washington and our condo in Kihei.

This website serves as a culmination of our many Maui adventures.

We invite you to stay awhile.

What you’ll find

Informative travel advice tailored to Maui. What should you pack? How do you get around? We answer those questions.

Authentic and unbiased advice about what to see and do on the island. We share the benefits and drawbacks so that you know what to expect.

Curated trip recommendations. There’s so much to see and do on the island. What’s worth a visit and what’s not? We help you figure that out.

To the best of our ability, we encourage only ethical and responsible travel information. The history of the Hawaiian islands is fraught with controversy. We attempt to remain respectful of both the land and the Hawaiian culture.

What you won’t find

Promotions for anything we wouldn’t pay for ourselves. We specify whether a post is sponsored or if we receive compensation of any kind from a company we mention on this site. We don’t promote businesses (or products) that we wouldn’t pay for at full price.

Travel advice that disrespects the land or the locals. You won’t find directions to secret trails, tips that promote trespassing through private lands, or other encouragement for visitors to disrespect the island. Please be a kind guest on the island. We encourage you to explore Maui with a spirit of preservation and sharing, not consuming.

Mahalo for visiting our little corner of the internet! We wish you the best for your Maui trip.

We're working on updating our site to reflect the changes resulting from the recent wildfire tragedy. This includes updates on Maui businesses and sites as we receive incoming reports. Please read our message about the wildfire, along with resources for how to help those on the island, here. Mahalo.