Doughnut Miss Out: Where to Find Maui’s Best Donuts and Malasadas

A hand holding a filled malasada from Sugar Beach Bake Shop with a pool, golf course, and sky in the background

There’s no better time to indulge in hot, sugary clouds of fried goodness than when you’re vacationing on Maui. 

While donuts don’t quite fit into traditional Hawaiian cuisine, the sweet treats have been adopted and adapted by Hawaii locals over the years. In addition to the more traditional chocolate and glazed, Maui donut purveyors have infused a mix of unique flavors that pay tribute to island life — from lilikoi to guava, and more. 

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Today, visitors can enjoy traditional American donuts while on Maui, alongside the local Hawaii favorite, malasadas. The doughnut-like fried pastry originated in Portugal and was introduced to the Hawaiian islands by Portuguese settlers.

An open takeout box filled with six donuts from Maui Ono Donuts, Hawaii
Freshly made donuts from Maui Ono Donuts in Kihei

We scouted the best donut shops around Maui, and these are the top spots for giving into your donut cravings — regardless of where you are on the island.

Pro tip: Many donut shops on the island are locally owned businesses, and operating hours may change without notice. To avoid disappointment, we recommend that you call first or visit the location’s social media page for the most updated open hours. 

A man looks at the pastry case inside of Sugar Beach Bake Shop in Kihei Maui
Many of the donut spots on this list, such as Sugar Beach Bakery, offer more than donuts

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T. Komoda Bakery (Makawao)

Early birds get the fresh malasadas at T. Komoda Bakery (one of the island’s favorite donut shops), which opens at 7 a.m. An institution on Maui, this mom-and-pop bakery has been serving up malasadas alongside cream puffs, butter rolls, long johns, and more since 1916. Get there early for the best selection. 

Manuela Malasada (Kahului)

Manuela Malasada serves made-to-order (read: hot and fresh!) malasadas from its location next to Kahului Costco. Among the other malasada purveyors, this food truck takes the prize for flavor options and personalization — from the type of sugar (plain, cinnamon, powdered, sweet and sour plum) to an almost overwhelming filling selection that ranges from ube cheesecake to banana cream to Nutella.

Sugar Beach Bake Shop (Kihei)

Exterior of Sugar Beach Bake Shop in Kihei Maui

Around the island, Sugar Beach Bake Shop in North Kihei is known for having possibly the best malasadas on Maui — both unfilled and filled. If you’re looking for warm malasadas, try the classic malasadas dusted with sugar. While we’re also fans of the ube, lilikoi, and guava-filled malasadas, those flavors are cooled and filled before serving. Get there early for the best selection, and prepare to stand in line.

While you’re there, peruse the pastry case for other grab-and-go options. This cozy bakery serves coffee and all sorts of sweet treats, including cheesecake, scones, and macarons. And they take pride in using the freshest ingredients available. 

Home Maid Bakery (Wailuku)

Also known as “Home of the Crispy Manju,” this full-service bakery has garnered quite a reputation for its hot, fresh, made-to-order malasadas. A Maui staple since 1960, Home Maid Bakery also offers both standard raised donuts and mochi donuts. 

Donut Dynamite / Madame Donut (Wailuku)

Exterior view of The Madame Donut's Donut Dynamite pickup location in Maui Hawaii
Donut Dynamite donuts must be preordered in advance

Led by Madame Donut herself, Donut Dynamite offers its fried treats and fun flavors on an extremely limited basis.

Previously located at the Maui Swap Meet, the donuts are now only available through pre-order from Donut Dynamite’s popup shop. Pickups are arranged on Saturdays. 

When available, choose from a selection of artisanal brioche donuts with unique and different flavors such as brown butter, bacon maple calamansi ginger mint, and strawberry rose. Don’t miss the lilikoi cream-filled brioche malasada hybrid. We appreciated the unique flavor profiles but thought the donut itself was a little dry for our taste. Still, we recommend giving this popular donut spot a try. Follow their social media profile for updates.

Close up view of donuts from Donut Dynamite Maui, Hawaii

Maui Ono Donuts (Kihei)

The pickup window at the Maui Ono Donuts food truck in Kihei Hawaii

This South Maui food truck serves our favorite donuts on the island of Maui. Unlike most of the other shops in this post, Maui Ono Donuts doesn’t offer malasadas. Instead, stop in for made-to-order old-fashioned cake donuts. Choose your frosting: maple, chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. Then take your pick of toppings, which include macadamia nuts and traditional chocolate sprinkles. Our personal favorite? Maple frosting with churro (cinnamon sugar) seasoning. 

They even offer gluten-free donuts on the weekends — pre-ordered in advance only.

Krispy Kreme (Kahului)

They may be a national chain, but their iconic original glazed doughnuts continue to draw donut lovers to this Central Maui location.

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