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If you’re looking for no-frills, quality seafood and sushi on Maui, you can’t miss this gem of a restaurant just a few blocks from South Maui’s renowned Kihei beaches. 

About 1054 Togoshi

Run by a husband and wife team, Chef Manabu and Satoe, 1054 Togoshi is a traditional sushi and sashimi restaurant that recently celebrated its fifth anniversary. I say traditional because you won’t find over-the-top concoctions you often see at trendy Asian fusion spots. Instead, 1054 Togoshi focuses on unfussy classics that showcase the quality of its seafood. 

As a casual passerby, it’s easy to overlook the cozy restaurant. The Japanese eatery resides in South Maui Center, one of those nondescript buildings that houses both offices and retail storefronts. 1054 Togoshi counts a travel agency and real estate brokerage as some of its neighbors.

Inside, the cozy restaurant serves fresh, authentic sushi and sashimi. 

Our dining experience at 1054 Togoshi

We were greeted with a welcoming smile by Satoe, who doubles as both hostess and dining room server for the restaurant. She led us to a corner table at the rear of the dining area, just a few dozen steps from the front door.

I should mention that the space feels cozy and relaxing. There are only about four tables in the establishment, plus around a half dozen bar stools at the chef’s counter. With so few seats in the house, diners don’t have to worry about raucous din from other tables impeding the conversation — or enjoyment of the food, for that matter. 

Chef Manabu glanced up and nodded as we found our seats, then continued to quietly prepare for the impending dinner rush while working behind the sushi counter.

Satoe flitted about with efficiency, scrutinizing and perfecting every detail. The first thing I noticed on the table was a small chalkboard sign welcoming us by name, nestled between a felted mouse and fresh flower bud. 

I wondered if we were afforded the extra attention because of my dining companions that night — Maui locals with a standing weekly dinner reservation at 1054 Togoshi. 

No, I was told. The welcoming touches are standard fare for every guest at the establishment.  

I noted this attention to detail again and again throughout our meal — from the adorable decor to the presentation of every dish placed on our table.

While we perused the menu, I was distracted by the casual cuteness of the space — from the Snoopy figurines to the cluster of felted mice lining the bar counter — and its blend of aloha beach vibes. The robin’s egg blue walls are accented with a rustic wood painted sign proclaiming “Go surf or Eat sushi.” 

A short wait after placing our order with Satoe, the food began arriving at a steady clip. First miso soup and edamame. Then our appetizer — albacore carpaccio — a bed of fresh greens surrounded by thin slices of tuna resting on a pool of tangy citrus dressing.

Later, Satoe served our main course — an Instagram-worthy smorgasbord of sushi rolls and sashimi — on a wooden cutting board. We savored each piece, from the vegetable roll to the spicy tuna.  

Then dessert. Satoe presented us with a trio of petite glasses filled with pineapple ice cream and topped with gold leaf flakes. Three small wooden spoons lay twined together with string next to two wooden cat figures kissing nose to nose. 

I say again. 1054 Togoshi is all about the details. As one Yelp reviewer aptly put it, eating here is like receiving “a hug from the sushi gods.”

I can’t agree more.

What to order

Can’t decide what to get? Here are our recommendations: 

Albacore carpaccio

Served with seaweed, crisp onion, and yuzu miso (citrus) vinegar.

Sushi and Sashimi

  • Spicy tuna
  • Toro – fatty tuna
  • Maguro  – tuna
  • Tai – snapper
  • Aji – horse mackerel
  • Hamachi – yellowtail
  • Hamachi negihama roll
  • Spicy hamachi
  • Unagi

How to get there

Turn onto East Lipoa Street in Kihei from either South Kihei Road or Piilani Highway 31. The South Maui Shopping Center is on the north side of East Lipoa Street. The shopping center has its own parking lot (complimentary), and we found plenty of free parking.

You’ll find 1054 Togoshi on the first level facing the parking lot and street, to the left of the stairwell.

Insider tip

Reservations are a must — you can text or call in your request — unless you don’t mind disappointment. We saw Satoe turning a couple away when we first arrived, even though there were open tables available. But each table was already spoken for. 

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